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New Schedule Posted, New Era Begins..!!!

09/12/18 - The new schedule has been posted. As has been discussed many times, the FNHL has officially made the switch to 4 teams. Our regular schedule will be 8:30pm and 10pm on the NHL side. I would like to thank the management and staff of the Cicero Twin Rinks for their assistance in making this possible as well as the team captains (Bill Hopkins, Keith Benjamin/Sean Caza, Rob Niemeier and Steve Kokkoris on Sunday) and of course the players. In addition, a special thank you to Dave Herman who is stepping down as captain after many years. This was a very difficult decision but we believe it was the best for the league and are excited to move forward with our new look..!  

05/09/17 - New schedules are posted and we are seeking interested players for the upcoming session and beyond. If you know of players who would be interested in joining us on a full or sub basis please let me know.

09/08/16 - The new schedules for both Friday and Sunday are posted. Also it is my pleasure to let everyone know that our own favorite Friday night bartender Sarah Ann Jackson has been nominated for Best Female Bartender in the Syracuse New Times Best of Syracuse 2016 poll. Here is the link to vote I hope everyone will log in and help Sarah take home the award. Also I noticed that the rink is nominated as best place for ice skating and it would be nice to offer them some support as well...Finally please note that the Sunday group is back to 6:45am as of this week.

04/21/16 - Due to the Grey Wolves tournament we will be off this Friday 4/22/16. 

01/11/16 - The new schedule has been posted. There will be a single sheet at the end of the coming session on 2/26/16 at 10pm as we have only 1 regular game that night. As always if you want a spot please email me asap. The first 20 skaters and 2 goalies are in and the cost is $10. Looking forward to another great year on the ice and of course in the bar..

11/17/15 - I've posted the remaining schedule for this session and sent it to the rink for confirmation. I don't anticipate any changes but if there are I will let you know. Please note that each team will have bye weeks during this session so check the schedule carefully before heading to the rink. Also the games on 1/1/16 will start at 5:00pm on both sides. 

11/03/15 - We're getting to that point in the year when the rink gets busy and we work with them to make sure that our session can be complete in spite of any conflicts. There are several upcoming weeks that I need to discuss with the captains before finalizing. At the moment the next two weeks are posted and final. Also as the headline mentions, we do have a few openings right now. If you know of anyone who might be interested please have them contact me.

09/23/15 - The schedules for the next six weeks have been posted. I do need to confirm the last two Fridays yet with the rink and I will let you know if there are any changes. Also it does appear that we have a few open spots for skaters in the upcoming session. If you know of anyone who would be interested please have them contact me and I will distribute their information to our team captains. 

08/06/15 - I have posted a tentative schedule for the next session. As soon as I am able to confirm all the dates and times with the rink I will let you know.

06/20/15 - Another new session schedule has been posted. Thanks to everyone for your continued help in keeping the games fun and competitive and the payments timely.

05/07/15 - The new session schedule has been posted. Please note that next week, 5/15/15 we have a single sheet game scheduled. Please email me right away if you want to skate. Unfortunately we had to cancel our last scheduled single sheet game and I'd like to avoid that this time around. Thanks

04/15/15 - Unfortunately it appears that there's just too much else going on this weekend therefore we will not be holding a single sheet game this Friday. The one regularly scheduled FNHL game is still on. 

03/17/15 - The new schedules for Friday and Sunday are posted. We have a similar schedule to last session in that there are two weeks where we only have two sheets. Also on 4/17/15 since there are four teams on bye we will have a single sheet available. Please email me if you'd like to skate in that game and as always the first 20 skaters and two goalies to sign up get the spots.

01/28/15 - It's truly a changing of the guard for Team 5 as team captain and longtime FNHL'er Mike Comartos has moved away from the area. Always a competitor, Mike has been a solid player and leader on the ice and always ready to have a beer upstairs afterward, win or lose. We wish him much success as he moves forward. As much as we hate to see Mike go, we are pleased to welcome Dave Herman as the new captain for Team 5. Dave has been an FNHL player for a while now and already proven he's a great addition to the group. I'm very confident that Team 5 is in good hands for the future. In other news, the new schedule has been posted. Please note that there are two more weeks of high school games before we can resume our regular routine. In order to adjust for that we will have two regular games this week and one next week with a single sheet for the 4 teams who are off. I am taking reservations for that slot so the first 20 skaters and 2 goalies to email me are in. I did receive a nice note from the rink recently thanking us for the recent adjustments. We've been skating at Cicero for well over ten years now and certainly appreciate all the work that Kyle and his staff put in to keep things running smoothly...

12/03/14 - I spoke to George tonight and it appears that we are set for the next session. As soon as I get the final email from the rink I will post it. The bottom line is that for most weeks we will have only two games, one on each sheet at 10:00pm. That means in any given week we will have two teams on a bye. The way it is written now, each team will be off only twice and the session will end on January 23rd. This week 12/05/14 the following two games are planned 6  vs  3 (NHL) and 4  vs  5 (Olympic). Please check with your team captain to confirm until the final schedule is posted. Thanks

11/22/2014 - As many of you are aware, this winter session is usually somewhat different due to ice availability at the rink. At the moment, George is in contact with rink management and we hope to have a final schedule for the next session to post soon. As of right now I expect that there will be no regular hockey next Friday 11/28/14 however I am planning a single sheet at 10:00pm so if you'd like to play please contact me asap. As always, the first twenty skaters and two goalies to sign up get the spots. Cost is $10. In other news, I recently got word that a member of the FNHL family is going through a difficult time. Dave Cavallaro's father Dan was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. The family is planning a benefit night on January 4th. Click here to see the flyer for the event. I hope that everyone will pass the word and make this a great success.

09/02/14 - The new session is posted. Please note that the Olympic times are moving back 15 minutes in a couple of weeks to 10:00pm. Also there is a single sheet on 9/26/14 and I'm starting the sign up list immediately. Please email if you want to skate that week. As always, first twenty skaters and two goalies get the spots. The Sunday group schedule has also been updated and we are back to 6:45am beginning this week.

06/29/14 - First a quick reminder that we are off next week (July 4th) because the rink is closed for the holiday. Back in April, the team captains met with George and drafted an FNHL Mission Statement and Code of Conduct. I'm pleased to report that these are now finalized and are posted here on the website. Please be advised that this applies to all players, not just those who have a permanent spot on a roster. Any problems or issues with player conduct should be brought to the team captains.

FNHL Code of Conduct

1. No Checking - The FNHL is a non-contact league. We realize that in a fast moving game it can be difficult to completely avoid contact however under no circumstances should any player intentionally play the body. In the event of incidental contact, all players involved are expected to exercise self control to avoid further contact or escalation of rough play.

2. No Fighting - It's a simple rule. If you can't follow it you need to look elsewhere. 

3. Control of Stick - All players are expected to maintain control of their sticks and avoid slashing, tripping, hooking, cross-checking, high-sticking, spearing or butt ending their opponents. We have no referees so all minor violations should be  self-policed. Once again, self control and safety and common sense take priority and anyone unable to abide by these guidelines without the aid of a referee doesn't belong here.

4. No Slapshots - Another simple rule due to the potential for injury. 

5. Game Times - FNHL ice slots are 75 minutes in total from the time the ice is ready. All games are expected to begin and end on time. Captains are responsible for ensuring that this happens. At the conclusion of each game both nets should be skated to the Zamboni door. 

6. Game Clock and Scoreboard - Should be maintained by the team occupying the bench with direct access to it. Goals should be put on the board as soon as possible to avoid disagreements. Team captains have the option by agreement to reset or modify the score and/or scoring system if a game becomes too lopsided. The object is always to have a fun, competitive game.

FNHL Mission Statement

The Friday Night Hockey League (FNHL) is a group that meets on the ice each Friday night so that its members can enjoy the game of hockey with friends. While we all enjoy and strive for competition, we recognize that fun and safety are far more important goals. No standings or statistics are kept, and there are no playoffs or referees. Our group consists of players of varying age levels and abilities and all players are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with this mission. The bottom line is that we play, on the honor system, for fun and we are all accountable to one another. We all have jobs and families and it is far more important that we are able to maintain those than whether our team wins or loses in any given week.

03/24/14 - On behalf of the entire FNHL family it's my pleasure to wish a very happy birthday to George Fleischmann. He's a good friend and the person truly responsible for the great opportunity we enjoy each week to get on the ice and have some fun with our friends. Obviously this has been a very difficult year for George and his family but through it all he has remained determined and faced those challenges head on. Back in August we came together to offer our support and encourage him to "stick it to cancer" and, one day at a time, he is doing just that. We wish you nothing but continued success and happiness in the coming year and beyond..!!!

In other news, there will be a meeting of the FNHL team captains this Thursday, March 27th at 6:30pm at Buffalo Wild Wings in Cicero. George is planning to attend and the meeting is open to anyone who is interested. The primary item on the agenda will be planning a direction for the future of the FNHL. Unfortunately there have been some issues surfacing more frequently lately regarding  player recruitment and retention as well as how well or poorly some players have conducted themselves on the ice. The primary goal of the FNHL has always been to skate and have fun and hopefully this meeting will allow us to set a plan in motion that will ensure that we are able to continue doing what we love to do for many more years in the future.

01/01/14 - 2013 was an up and down year for us. Some very difficult times but also some of the most uplifting. On behalf of George and the entire FNHL family I'd like to wish everyone a very safe and happy new year..!!! Also just a couple of other items as we move ahead. By now everyone should be aware of the need to keep the games moving and on schedule. There has been great improvement in that and it is appreciated. By setting the periods to 21 or 22 minutes and limiting the warmup and between periods breaks to a few minutes each we should be fine. Also George asked me to remind everyone to please skate the nets down to the zamboni doors after each game.,, Please note that we have a number of single sheet weeks coming up this month and I am already taking reservations for spots in any or all of them. We are full for this week already so if you'd like a spot, don't wait to email me and let me know.... Also we got some sad news recently. The mother of Sunday morning regular Mark Solak passed away. Our condolences go out to Mark and his family at the difficult time... I was able to see George recently and his recovery is slow but going well. He sends his best wishes to all and still hopes to be back on the ice someday, maybe this summer. That would be a great sight indeed..!!

12/12/13 - Schedules for the next session have been posted. Please be aware that, as is typical this time of year, we have several single sheet weeks and I am taking reservations now for anyone who would like to skate during those weeks. Please don't wait until the last minute to sign up. Also, I'm sure everyone is aware that the rink has been requesting that we start and end our games on time. Each slot is allocated for 75 minutes total and it is important that games start and end on time. Captains please keep a close eye on this and let me know if you have any problems so I can address them with the rink.

10/21/13 - I received an updated schedule from the rink and there will be two weeks in November that we will not have regular FNHL hockey. Those dates are 11/22/13 and 11/29/13. As always, we will have one sheet available and the first 20 skaters and 2 goalies to email me get the spots. The cost for these single sheet games is still only $10. If you want in, please let me know asap.... I was able to meet with George recently and he is doing well in his recovery. He obviously still has a long way to go but he is optimistic and taking things one day at a time. He did ask me to once again thank everyone for their generous support at the benefit and looks forward to being able to stop by the rink at some point and say hello...Finally, I would like to get together with the team captains in the near future to see if there are any open roster spots.

09/04/13 - The new session schedule is up and please note that we are getting back into our Fall/Winter routine which means that the games on the NHL side will now be at 8:30pm and 10:00pm. I have been posting the benefit updates and pictures on our Facebook group but I did want to take a minute here and thank everyone who helped to make it such a success! George called me recently and is doing as well as possible under the circumstances. He really appreciates all the support and it has made this very difficult time at least a bit easier. There were some complications after the surgery due to blood clots but my understanding is that the long road to recovery has begun and he is determined to see it through..

07/04/13 - The schedule for the Sunday group has been updated. Most importantly as most of you know, George has been battling cancer for a few months now and unfortunately there are still more battles on the horizon. We have planned a simple day of hockey games at the Cicero Twin Rinks on Saturday, August 3rd. This will be our simple way of trying to help out and give a little something back to someone who has given so much to us and anyone he could help through the years. An email with the details has been sent. If you didn't get it please email me and I will forward it. Also if you did get it and can forward to others who would be interested it would be appreciated. Thanks..

06/29/13 - Just received clarification that the Sunday group is on tomorrow at 8am. Please pass the word. Thanks

04/09/10 - The rink let me know today that some of our times have changed this session. Several weeks will start at 8:00pm on the NHL side with the second game at 9:30. Please read the schedule closely and pass the word on this update. Thanks

04/04/13 - The new session has been posted and there are a few single sheet weeks starting with next Friday - 4/12/13. Please take a look asap and I will begin to put the list together. It is much easier to be start filling the spots in advance than to scramble at the last minute. You can sign up for any or all of the single sheet weeks at the same time. Also the Sunday schedule is updated.

02/06/13 - I just received the schedule for the next session and unfortunately discovered that the first two Fridays are single sheets - 2/8/13 and 2/15/13. Obviously we will need to act fast in order to get a group together for this week. If you want to play either or both of these weeks please email me right away. As always, the first 20 skaters and 2 goalies who email me are in. Once these are complete we are back to six straight weeks of our usual times. I am out of town until Friday but as soon as the list for the single sheet is filled I will send out the rosters.