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About the FNHL

FNHL Code of Conduct

1. No Checking - The FNHL is a non-contact league. We realize that in a fast moving game it can be difficult to completely avoid contact however under no circumstances should any player intentionally play the body. In the event of incidental contact, all players involved are expected to exercise self control to avoid further contact or escalation of rough play.

2. No Fighting - It's a simple rule. If you can't follow it you need to look elsewhere. 

3. Control of Stick - All players are expected to maintain control of their sticks and avoid slashing, tripping, hooking, cross-checking, high-sticking, spearing or butt ending their opponents. We have no referees so all minor violations should be  self-policed. Once again, self control and safety and common sense take priority and anyone unable to abide by these guidelines without the aid of a referee doesn't belong here.

4. No Slapshots - Another simple rule due to the potential for injury. 

5. Game Times - FNHL ice slots are 75 minutes in total from the time the ice is ready. All games are expected to begin and end on time. Captains are responsible for ensuring that this happens. At the conclusion of each game both nets should be skated to the Zamboni door. 

6. Game Clock and Scoreboard - Should be maintained by the team occupying the bench with direct access to it. Goals should be put on the board as soon as possible to avoid disagreements. Team captains have the option by agreement to reset or modify the score and/or scoring system if a game becomes too lopsided. The object is always to have a fun, competitive game.


FNHL Mission Statement

The Friday Night Hockey League (FNHL) is a group that meets on the ice each Friday night so that its members can enjoy the game of hockey with friends. While we all enjoy and strive for competition, we recognize that fun and safety are far more important goals. No standings or statistics are kept, and there are no playoffs or referees. Our group consists of players of varying age levels and abilities and all players are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with this mission. The bottom line is that we play, on the honor system, for fun and we are all accountable to one another. We all have jobs and families and it is far more important that we are able to maintain those than whether our team wins or loses in any given week.

FNHL Overview

The league consists of six teams and plays a rotating schedule throughout the year divided into six week sessions. The cost of the ice time is divided among the players who have a spot on the teams and full payment is due prior to the start of each session in order to maintain your spot. Subs are permissible at the discretion of the team captains however a sub fee must be paid and subs must conduct themselves in the same manner as any regular player on the roster.