Dan Jennings - Photos

Here are the pictures that I have of Dan. These are from the Montreal tournament team he played on. They are big photos so the page will take a while to load. You can download any of them to your computer by placing the mouse over a photo then right click and choose "save picture as." If anyone has other pictures to share, feel free to e-mail them to me and I will post them. If they need to be scanned, I can do that to. Just see me at the rink with the original print and I will scan and return to you.

A picture from Bill Oaster


"This picture was taken back in 1986 I think. The salmon were running in Pulaski and Dan wanted to show me that he knew a little more about fishing than I did."

A tribute from Chris Rousseau - You should be able to view the entire presentation by left clicking on the image to activate the control then right clicking and selecting "play."

If that doesn't work try refreshing the page. The presentation should start over from the beginning.