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we've got an e-mail list to let people know when this site has been updated. Please e-mail me if you want to join. 


Sunday Nights at Lysander 



As most of you know, we have a smaller group that also plays on Sunday mornings. If you're interested in joining the group please contact Dan directly as spaces are limited. This page will now be reserved for news, schedules, etc specifically for this group.



10/20/198:00am - 9:30am4
10/27/198:00am - 9:30am5
11/03/196:45am - 8:15am6
11/10/196:30am - 8:00am1
11/17/19No Hockey
11/24/198:00am - 9:30am2
12/01/198:00am - 9:30am3
12/08/198:00am - 9:30am4
12/15/198:00am - 9:30am5
12/22/198:00am - 9:30am6
12/29/198:00am - 9:30am1
01/05/208:00am - 9:30am2
01/12/20No Hockey
01/19/20No Hockey
01/26/20No Hockey
02/02/206:30am - 8:00am3
02/09/208:00am - 9:30am4
02/16/208:00am - 9:30am5
02/23/208:00am - 9:30am6
03/01/208:00am - 9:30am1
03/08/20No Hockey
03/15/208:00am - 9:30am2
TBA8:00am - 9:30am3
TBA8:00am - 9:30am4


Roster for Sunday Group

Joe Z  Bryan Trombley
Chip O'Connor Vlad Sirotkin
John Albanese Dave Scibetta
Steve Kokkoris  Sean Caza
Bob LaBarre
Dave Herman
Ian Webber Dan Jervis
Bob Amodie Brian Banks
Rob Neimeier Bill Hopkins
Buck Taylor Joe Gracz
Joe Taylor Mike Masello
Mike Pardee Rob Elmer